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ORA-07445 - exception encountered: core dump

ORA-07445 - exception encountered: core dump

Cause : An operating system exception occurred which should result in the creation of a core file. This is an internal error.

Action : Contact Oracle Customer Support.

Common precipitators of the ORA-07445 include:
-- High volume user transactions
-- Software bugs (i.e. Bug 4098853).  See note 342443.1 on MOSC.
-- Too-small RAM regions (shared_pool_size, java pool, large_pool_size), and a too-small application memory stack (e.g. PL/SQL array too small)
-- Too small undo and temp segments
-- Program errors (addressing outside of RAM region), e.g. S0C4. Improper NLS parameter settings
-- Hardware errors
-- Oracle block corruption and a host of other related issues. 
-- When Oracle internal job failed with specific exception

Note: There are lots of reason for ORA-07445, Based of arguments and oracle document you can fix it. So may bugs are described in oracle document for ORA-07445.

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